In Loving Memory

Tinkerbelle, the moment your mom saw your swishy little butt strutting across the parking lot I think she knew you were hers! The fact that you came with a sad story didn't hurt either because your mom (who tries very hard to be objective) is a sucker for sad stories. Tink you didn't make it easy for her though. You made her spend the next 2 weeks trying to get a tail wag or something out of you that would let her know you felt the same way about her. I think that is another reason she loved you so much--you made her work for it. Once you decided you loved your mom and dad though that was enough for you because you certainly didn't give a flip about any of the rest of us who came to visit.

And oh those foster dogs! You never did understand why you, Tinkerbelle, should have to share your home with a motley pack of ever changing uncouth and sometimes rowdy foster dogs. Hey, you only nipped one or two of them once or twice! Tinkerbelle, I can't imagine a tiny little girl who was loved and now missed any more than you. And you know what Tink, I believe there is another sassy, prissy butted little Chihuahua out there for your mom and dad and some day they will share their home, their bed, and their hearts with another Chi with a touch of an attitude if you decide to send one their way!

Louise and Tinkerbelle