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There are some very special people we wish to thank!  Without the support of each and everyone of these people, we would not be successful in accomplishing our goals!

First of all, we would like to thank the many veterinarians that we work with us and help us in so many ways. Dr. Will and Dr. Wilson and staff of the Animal Hospital of Anderson County in Clinton, TN, are our primary veterinarians and help us pretty much on a weekly basis. We would also like to thank Dr. Sanders and staff of Jacksboro Veterinary Services , Dr. Babbi Dilbeck of Lafollette Vet Services, and Dr. Brown and Dr. Alexander of Farragut Animal Clinic.

We would like to offer a VERY special thanks to the staff of Enrichment Federal Credit Union, Agri-feed Pet Supply, Petco, PetSmart, Wild Birds Unilimited, and Mast General Store for allowing us to have adopt-a-thons at their stores. These adopt-a-thons have truly increased our visibility in the community, allowed people to come see our dogs on a regular basis, and increased our rate of adoptions!

We would like to thank Pam for creating and maintaining this website and Kathrin, Kathy, Meg and John for their help with our facebook and twitter sites.

We would like to thank our core group of SBRET volunteers - without them there would be no rescue group!  Please take a minute to meet many of them at the Volunteer section of our website!

We would like to offer a very special thanks to Carmen of Peaceful Kingdom for allowing us, as well as other rescue groups, to advertise our dogs in Critter Magazine. There truly is no one with a bigger heart or a more sincere love of animals than Carmen!

Thanks also to the staff at the Young-Williams Animal Center (formerly the Knoxville-Knox County Animal Welfare Center).

Thanks to Mandy and Heather for providing respite care for our dogs waiting to be assigned to foster homes. Your on-call availability is so generous and we appreciate your willingness to help whenever possible.

Thanks to Miracle, April, Lynn and staff at the Loudon County Animal Shelter. We admire you all each and every day for doing so much for the animals with the limited facilities you have to work with after that horrible arsonist ruined your previous shelter.

Finally, we would like to thank the many supporters that help us behind the scenes, with private donations of money or items we desperately need. Without this extra help we would never make it and could not afford to go above and beyond for those animals that need more than basic veterinary care. If you have any doubt of the impact you have made, just take a look at our success pictures! And if THAT can't make you feel good inside - NOTHING can! Thank you SO much everybody!

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