Roscoe with Jennifer and Fred

In Loving Memory

Roscoe with Jennifer and Fred

Roscoe was a beloved friend and companion to us. We knew right from the moment we saw him that he was the dog for us. Roscoe didn't disappoint in the least. He wasn't your typical basset hound. Roscoe loved playing with toys, chasing tennis balls, and charge around the apartment, something we affectionately called "cracker dog moments". He was always trying to catch that nefarious tail which never seemed to let go.

Everywhere he went, there was never a stranger. Roscoe was a dog that had so much love and kindness that he never had a problem making a friend. He left an impression on all who met him. He could make you smile in an instant with those beautiful basset eyes and a tail that never knew which direction to wag. There were times we thought he could take flight if he got his tail and ears in sync.

Even though Roscoe was tragically taken so early in his life, we take comfort in knowing that he was surrounded by those who loved him and cared for him deeply. We gave him all that we had to give him the happiest life and the most love possible, so that we could to make up for all the lost time he had as a puppy. Roscoe deserved nothing less than all the best. We know that he is in a better place now with all the squeaky toys to howl at, hotdogs and vanilla ice cream to eat, squirrels to chase, and dogs to run with. Maybe now he'll get to catch one of those squirrels or race a greyhound and win (He tried so hard to do both when he was with us). Roscoe will always be in our hearts and our memories, as he left an undeniable impression. We will sorely miss him.

We owe Small Breed Rescue the deepest thanks and gratitude for introducing us to such a marvelous animal and bringing him into our lives. Thank you so much to his foster mom Teresa and to Karen and Tyrine for allowing us to make Roscoe a part of our home and family.