Quincey's Family Reunion & Bella and Cassie Reunited

(reported by Quincey's mom)

Two and half years ago, on June 1, a small pug was found in a hotel room in Knoxville. She had been abandoned and was in labor. She was rushed to a vet and 5 puppies were saved. The mom, Taffy was adopted by a family in New Jersey. Sadly, she died a year later of pancreatic cancer.

In the meantime, her 5 puppies were rescued and fostered by Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee. They were named after movie stars - Greta, Rooney, Marlon, Ginger and Bing. One by one, they were adopted in the greater Knoxville area. Marlon was the last one adopted at age 5 months. He was renamed Quincey.

Two years later, Small Breed Rescue had a reunion. Quincey and his mom went, hoping to run into a sibling or two. Lo and behold, the first dog they saw was Quincey's twin - Ginger! After the parents talked, the decision was made to try and find the other siblings. Karen at SBRET agreed to send out an e-mail to the other families. We found all the other siblings! Someone made the suggestion that we hold a family reunion, because how many times do you find all the members of an adopted family?

So, Saturday, October 30, all the families (except one) met at Tommy Shumpert Park and the siblings had a chance to meet. We found out that Ginger and Quincey are both goofy and love to give toys away and growl. Quincey and Rooney are both scared of strangers. Bing looks the most like his mom. We also found out their DNA. Seems they are pug, doberman pinscher, Siberian Huskey, Shar Pei and Chow Chow. What a combination!

Plans are under way for a Spring Reunion! We are all saddened that mom Taffy passed away before being able to see all her kids reunited, but all the families there were so grateful to her for making our lives happier with her beautiful puppies!

Quincey Quincey & Family
Ginger Ginger & Family
Bing Bing & Family
Rooney Rooney & Family
One big happy family!

Below are pictures of the entire family while in rescue.

Taffy Quincey Ginger
Bing Rooney Greta


Bella and Cassie were also reunited at the SBRET Reunion on 9/26/10.
Cassie was the only one of Bella's 5 puppies in attendance.

Bella and Cassie posed for a picture to remember the moment.

Below are pictures of the entire family while in rescue.

Bella Cassie Mischa
Gypsy Rumer Calypso