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3/22/08 update available!

This is Piper and she is one of the pack of 100 dogs surrendered to Monroe County Animal Shelter. More info about the animal neglect case is available on our website. As you can see from her first pictures, she was in pretty rough shape and required lots of TLC and time before being ready for adoption. We thought you might like to follow her story.

When we brought her to the vet she was covered in fleas, infested with worms, had ear infections in both ears, huge matts of filthy hair, and a really nasty skin infection. Her toenails were so overgrown that they had twisted and turned many, many times. She was so frightened that she either trembled or just froze as she had obviously not been handled very much. She is now resting comfortably with her new foster family, and we will keep you updated on how she is progressing.

Spaying and neutering could have stopped this awful tragedy of 100 unsocialized, neglected dogs needing new homes. For more spay/neuter information please visit and

2/6/08 update:  My foster mom says she was very concerned that I had given up on any chance of having a happy life. I would not look at her for days and stood frozen if she touched me. I felt very bad and trusted no one. After almost three weeks I am feeling a bit better but know I have a while yet before my body heals. I am starting to get a twinkle to my eyes and mom is very excited about that, so I showed her I can wag my tail and bark too, though mostly I am very quiet.

I know I am a good little girl because I do my business outside and I like the treats I get for this, but just set them in front of me please, because I'm too afraid to take them from a hand yet. I wasn't too keen on leash training, but my foster mom says my new harness is helping me adjust quite nicely.

I like my three Chihuahua buddies who keep me company and are showing me that life can be good, so I've decided that it's okay to play with them on occasion. I am still quite scared and am not sure yet about this cuddling and cooing thing that humans are doing to me, but I'm starting to think that just maybe I will give them a chance to shower me with love. Be sure to check out my new pictures.

3/22/08 update:   Well as you can tell from my latest pictures I have come along way baby! I am almost ready for adoption but SBRET would like our vets to take one more look at my skin as I still have a couple red spots. However, if you would like to go ahead and submit an application that would be great. I am still going to need someone with a lot of patience and a quiet household with another small dog. I love playmates! So keep watching the web site and I am going to be ready really soon.