In Loving Memory

11/17/05 update: Very sad news!

My name is Noah, I'm a 8-10 year old 5.5 pound male Chihuahua. My sister and I were rescued from an area shelter - I told her someone would come. You see, my eyes hurt very badly and my feet were crusted with dirt and feces. My feet also had sores on them so it hurt to stand also. I needed to see a vet right away!

When we got there I was diagnosed as having KCS (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca - dry eye) in both eyes...they hurt so badly I couldn't open them. The vet discovered that I had no tear production in my eyes so he put some numbing drops in right away to make me feel better - boy did it work!! I could actually open my eyes again! Of course this was just temporary, but it felt nice. I will require daily drops in my eyes to keep them lubricated, but at least they won't hurt anymore. The vet says it is hard to tell how well I can see right now but after I have been on the drops for a while he will take a look at them again.

Ok, enough about my eyes - did I tell you that I am the sweetest little guy you'll ever meet? Everyone at the vet's office loves me. When my foster mom asked the vet if I was in too much pain to help, he said that there was no way that he would give up on such a good little boy like me and that I deserved to live a happy healthy life no matter what. I was so good when the vet was examining me. I just stood there being brave even when I got my eye drops. I will be getting my teeth cleaned in a few days. The vet says I will probably lose some due to neglect, but I do love to eat!

So if you need a little guy that will snuggle with you on the couch and be a friend for life please remember me. I may be older and not be able to see very well and need a little extra attention, but in return I'll give you all of the love I have. In case you haven't guess, my new SBRET friends are now my best friends for giving me a second chance!

11/17/05 update: Very sad news!

We are very sad to report that Noah's second chance at a better life was cut short today. After Noah exhibited behavior normally associated with neurological problems and experienced multiple seizures, the decision was made (with the help of our vet) that Noah's multiple health problems prevent any quality of life for this precious boy. If only we could have rescued him sooner, he may have had a chance. The unofficial diagnosis is neurological damage caused by longterm, untreated distemper. In some cases, a dog lives nearly all its life as a distemper survivor only to break with neurodistemper in old age. Distemper is so easily prevented ... if only someone had cared enough about Noah in the past to get his vaccinations!! We cared enough about this sweet boy to try to help him, but unfortunately it was too late. We take comfort from knowing he is no longer in pain or in a confused, tortured mental state and that he experenced much love in his last days. Noah touched our hearts in the short time we knew him and he is greatly missed.

Noah (after lots of TLC)
Noah (after lots of TLC!)

Noah (before being rescued)
I needed to see a vet right away for my eyes and feet!