Sophie (formerly Mystery)

In Loving Memory

(click for a message from Sophie's mom)

I'm Sophie's mom and I do want to thank you all for your beautiful comments and care wishes. Sophie was a great baby and my girls and I loved her so very much. She stole our hearts immediately the first second we saw her! Sorry to say she didn't feel the same at that first moment - our little one didn't know what love was when we first got her. She didn't know much of anything like how to walk in the grass and was not a great walker at all. We had to be very careful that she wasn't left on a high surface since she had no jumping skills. I believe they found her in a very small cage made of chicken wire which would explain why she didn't know how to walk very well. We kept her on the very best high protein food to try and build up her body all the good nutrients Sophie so desperately needed. She deserved it.

She had a habit of hiding food - we presumed she did that because they didn't feed her very well at the puppy mill. She always had food available here and it took 2 years before she stopped hiding food!

She learned to walk in about 2 months thanks to her walking buddy, our husky. It took a while for her to get used to having humans near her, but she slowly got used to us and our voices. It was 2 months before she took food from our hands and about 6 months before we could see signs of her showing love. She never really got totally at ease with human touch. She did well with me and my daughter, but strangers were another story - the groomer and UPS man were not her cup of tea.

She was happy with just us, but we could tell she never forgot her horrid past. It just made us want to cry. You knew it was in the back of her mind, but she finally got to the point where she would give us kisses and want to be petted. The last words I told her was to be at the gates when mama came and I know she's going to be there waiting with her sisters when it's my time to make the journey!

You know, people say we saved her, but truthfully I'm a cancer patient and she saved me! I miss her so with all my heart!

Everyone who's ever had a baby in their life, please write in and make yourself heard regarding the fight against animal abuse. Please, no matter if it's an elephant, dog or cat we need to stand together because there's action in numbers. This is what took my beautiful baby too early in her young life. Stand up for Sophie and all others who suffered abuse. Stop puppy mills! I believe to breed or sells dogs or any animal you need a state license to show the buyer, and there should be stricter punishment for those that have no license.

They should get 20 years for the first offense and then 10 years added for each time after. It needs to be strong or they won't put a stop to this animal slavery. We need to stand together. God bless our little babies - God gave them to us for loyal friendship and love, not for abuse.

I'm sorry to keep writing, but she's taken my heart with her. We spent our lives together 24/7. Other than maybe 5 hours for doctor visits, we were like velcro!