Hi, I'm Mia! I am a 9.5 year old, 10 pound female Yorkie. I came from a puppy mill in Missouri where I had to endure being in a cage and poorly fed for the last nine years. When I first arrived at my foster home, I slept for a week due to exhaustion, malnutrition, and just the overwhelming turn of events in my life. My foster mom was extremely kind and patient with me because she wanted me to adjust to life as a free dog. As time progressed I would sit very quietly and watch the dynamics of my new home. I would not allow human touch, potty training was out of the question, and the way for me to cope was to either sleep or sit and shake.

Fast forward six months and I am now a more confident and inquisitive dog. I will follow my fur buddies outside to go potty, will play wrestle with them (if they are the same size as me) and will seek my humans out. I am still jumpy when someone tries to pick me up but my foster mom is learning how to approach me and pick me up so I don't get so startled. I love soft beds and when I am laying on one, I let my foster mom rub my head and I do think I enjoy that!

I am deaf and my eyesight isn't perfect anymore but I get along just fine. It would be nice to have other friendly small dogs in the house that I can play with and learn from. But being your only fur baby would also be fine so you can devote your patience and understanding to me as I continue to adjust to life outside a cage. It would be best if someone were to be at home most of the day so I don't have to be crated. There are a lot of internet resources out there about rescuing puppy mill dogs - it's a challenging but rewarding experience.

Please stop by an SBRET event to meet me. Do contact SBRET to make sure I will be at the event. My adoption fee is $100.