In Loving Memory
~ Gone But Not Forgotten ~

(2017 - 2002)
GiGi Grady Piper Fifi Minnie (formerly Carlee)
GiGi Grady Piper Fifi Minnie
(formerly Carlee)

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Zsa Zsa (formerly Leah) Bo (formerly Beckett) Little Bit (formerly Winkie) Betsy
  Zsa Zsa
(formerly Leah)
(formerly Beckett)
Little Bit Betsy
Avery You have left
my heart, but
you will never
leave my heart.
Hildy Manny (Lil' Man) Raisin
Avery   Hildy Manny (Lil' Man) Raisin
Penny (formerly Sweet Pea) Quincy (formerly Marlon) You were my
favorite Hello
and my
hardest Goodbye
Jessica Spencer
(formerly Sweet Pea)
(formerly Marlon)
  Jessica Spencer
JPEG Teddy Bella Perhaps they are not the
stars, but rather openings
in heaven where the love
of our lost ones pours
through and shines down
upon us to let us know
they are happy.

— Eskimo legend
JPEG Teddy Bella   Suzie
Mia Christine Chloe (formerly Blondie) Trista Always in
our thoughts,
forever in
our hearts.
Mia Christine Chloe
(formerly Blondie)
Lacey Rocky Happy There is no
foot so small
that it cannot
leave an imprint
on this world.
Peanut (formerly Cammie)
Lacey Rocky Happy   Peanut
(formerly Cammie)
Gizmo (formerly Oynx) Lola How could
such a small
dog leave
such a big
hole in my
Annie Joey
(formerly Oynx)
Lola   Annie Joey
Carley Run free
little one
from now on
with no
pain anymore.
Jasmine (formerly Jazz) Lola Winston (formerly Casper)
Carley   Jasmine
(formerly Jazz)
Lola Winston
(formerly Casper)
What we have
once enjoyed,
we can never lose.
All that we love deeply
becomes part of us.

~Helen Keller
Mini Cooper Oreo Diego Meera
  Mini Cooper Oreo Diego Meera
Macie The tears in my eyes
I can wipe away,
the ache in my heart
will always stay.
Peanut Butter Chanel Violet
Macie   Peanut Butter Chanel Violet
Bella Isabelle (formerly Jasmine) May you find
comfort in the
hands of angels.
Brina Kohl
Bella Isabelle   Brina Kohl
Trixie Lady Gizzle Until you have
loved an animal,
part of your
will have
remained dormant.

~Anatole France
Trixie Lady Gizzle   Snow
Gulliver Mick Riley George May cherished
memories of
your beloved
pet bring
you comfort.
Gulliver Mick Riley George  
Rumple Baby Girl Bella (formerly Fancy) I'll
Rumple Baby Girl Bella
(formerly Fancy)
Maisie Aspen To know the
love and
companionship of
a pet is one
of life's joys.
Mosaic Daisy
Maisie Aspen   Mosaic Daisy
Lavender What thou
has lost,
Heaven has
in store.
Baby Max Maggie May (formerly Eureka)
Lavender   Baby Max Maggie May
(formerly Eureka)
Perhaps the
saddest loss
of all is no
longer being
seen through
such loving eyes.
Meka (formerly Tameka) Aggie Pete Cookie
(formerly Tameka)
Aggie Pete
(formerly Prince)
Cody May time
heal your heart,
and memories
comfort your soul.
PJ Snowy Maura
Cody   PJ Jasmine
(formerly Snowy)
Mindy (formerly Susie) Pixie
Best friends
come in
all breeds.
Jasper Dover
(formerly Susie)
Pixie   Jasper Dover
Olive Princess Lita It's hard to
say goodbye
to such
a special
Olive Princess Lita   Dexter
Winnie Lucy Pepper Abby Fond memories
of you
warm my
heart always.
Winnie Lucy Pepper Abby  
Chilli Tootie Jacques You are
always and
alive within
my heart
Chilli Tootie Jacques   Valentine
Gizmo Loretta No greater
no better
Penny Alladin (formerly Laddie)
Gizmo Loretta   Penny Alladin
(formerly Laddie)
Mr. Spiffy Somewhere
Gidget Rocky Jackie
Mr. Spiffy   Gidget Rocky Jackie
Your time
with us
was much
too short!
Betsy Annie Holly Lily
  Betsy Annie Holly Lily
Dolly Sometimes the
the most
thing we can
do is to
let them go.
Taffy (formerly Lily Grace) Axel Hansel
Dolly   Taffy
(formerly Lily Grace)
Axel Hansel
Teddy (formerly Marty) Sunshine You are
very much
Bennie Tinkerbell
(formerly Marty)
Sunshine   Bennie Tinkerbell
Lydia Honey Corky Although we
are apart,
your spirit
lives within me,
in my heart.
Maggie May (formerly Eureka)
Lydia Honey Corky   Maggie May
(formerly Eureka)
Gypsy Sierra Sabrina Maxine (formerly Hollie) Marlee Those we hold
in our arms
for a short while,
we hold in our
hearts forever!
Gypsy Sierra Sabrina Maxine
(formerly Hollie)
Bobbie Charlie Midge

You left
your pawprints
all over
my heart!

Bobbie Charlie Midge   Scooter
Lady Willy You left us
peaceful memories,
Your love is
still our guide;
And though we
cannot see you,
You are always
at our side.
Belle Sparky
Lady Willy   Belle Sparky
Jenny If tears could
build a stairway
and memories a lane,
I'd walk right
up to Heaven
and bring you
home again.
Gertie Roscoe Patrick
Jenny   Gertie Roscoe Patrick
My spirit is
free, but I'll
never depart
as long as
you keep me
alive in
your heart.

~ Author Unknown
Gizmo Bella Joshua
Gizmo Precious Bella Joshua
Tessie ...Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you...
I loved you so -
'twas Heaven here with you.

- Isla Paschal Richardson
Shaggy Buddy
Tessie   Noah Shaggy Buddy
Faith Hailie If love alone
could have
saved you,
you would have
lived forever.
Lucky Juliet
Faith Hailie   Lucky Juliet
Max Click here for the details on Hope! In loving
memory of
a faithful
friend and
Max Hope   Blossom
Beau Sandy Shy Lacy No farewell words
were spoken,
no time to
say good-bye,
you were gone
before we knew it,
and only God
knows why.
Beau Sandy Shy Lacy