In Loving Memory

We are very sad to report that our dear little blind boy, Max, passed away on March 13th after a routine dental cleaning. If you don't remember Max, he was a sweet little 2.6 pound, 12 year old Yorkie that his previous owner took to a veterinary clinic to be put to sleep (for no good reason). Anyway, the vet talked the owner into surrendering him to them so he could be sent to a rescue group. While he was in foster care, SBRET was able to raise $500 to have him evaluated for cataract removal surgery. Sadly he was not a candidate, but everyone was happy because we knew we did all that we could for him. SBRET wishes to thank, one more time, all the people that donated on Max's behalf.

Despite the fact that Max could not see, he was a very alert little guy and got around just fine. He was adopted by Luana, who is one of the sweetest people we have ever met. Sadly, she was only able to have Max in her life for about a year, but during that time she catered to his every desire. She learned that his favorite foods were fettucine alfredo and prime rib! See what we mean about being spoiled? If he awoke during the night she would give him massages, and basically if he barked, she came! We hope that she knows that she made his last year the best any dog could hope for. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Luana, as well as her father, who miss Max terribly. We can't tell you how upset Luana is by Max's unexpected passing. We can only hope that time will heal the hurt, and help her (and help us) remember the good times and the joy that Max brought into our lives. We also should feel comfort in the fact that we brought joy and happiness to his life as well.

On a personal note: Little Max, as your previous foster mom, I want you to know, little guy, that you hold a very special place in my heart. I have had many foster dogs and dogs of my own in my life, and your passing has hurt me as much as if you were my own. It will not be the same without Luana calling me up so I can talk to you in order for you to hear my voice, so you won't forget me. Rest assured I will never forget you. And I know it will probably be a while before I see you again, but I know that I will. I also know that where you are now, you can see again and are young and healthy. I just hope that you will recognize me when you see me again. Although you've never seen my face, I can only hope you will recognize my voice. For when you hear it again, it will, as always, be filled with love and happiness in seeing you - one of the dearest little souls I have had the honor and joy to meet. My life has truly been made richer as a result of having you in it. Bye bye, little one - see you soon. I love you.


Halley (Luana's dad) with Poqui and Luana with Pipi, Max and Pudi