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9/14/08 update available!

This is Lucy and she is one of the pack of 100 dogs surrendered to Monroe County Animal Shelter. More info about the animal neglect case is available on our website. As you can see, she is in pretty rough shape and is going to require lots of TLC and time before she will be ready for adoption. We thought you might like to follow her story.

When we brought her to the vet she was covered in fleas, infested with worms, had ear infections in both ears, huge matts of filthy hair, and a really nasty skin infection. Her toenails were so overgrown that they had twisted and turned many, many times. She was so frightened that she either trembled or just froze as she had obviously not been handled very much. She is now resting comfortably with her new foster family, and we will keep you updated on how she is progressing.

Spaying and neutering could have stopped this awful tragedy of 100 unsocialized, neglected dogs needing new homes. For more spay/neuter information please visit and

2/8/08 update: Now that I'm getting adjusted in my foster home, I thought it would be good to update everyone on how I'm doing. When I first arrived, I was very scared of everything. I'm still timid and fearful, but getting a little more confident every day. In the beginning, when Mom put my food dish in my pen, I would cover it with a towel if I wasn't ready to eat. I don't feel like I need to do that anymore. Eating has been a little difficult for me because my teeth were in such bad shape. I've been having to eat canned food. But I got my teeth cleaned today and they removed the bad ones, so now I am looking forward to eating without pain.

I've learned many new things in the past 2 weeks. I know how to walk on a harness leash now. My foster mom says I learned really fast and have better leash manners than any of her 5 dogs - I'm so proud! But that's not the best part. Where I lived before, I could use the bathroom anywhere in the house that I wanted to. But I learned here that it is better to go outside. It only took me 2 days to get the hang of it and I haven't had an accident since. Apparently, that is very impressive because my foster parents praise me all the time over it.

In my foster home, there are lots of hugs and kisses to go around. I'm not opposed to it, but I don't understand the concept. I'm content to lie in my bed but don't mind if one of the other dogs joins me. The first couple nights I cried a lot because I was in the kitchen by myself, so Mom and Dad put my crate in their bedroom. Now I am very happy.

I had my "female surgery" today and got my shots and testing done. They told me I have whip-worms and that I have to take a yucky medicine for a few days. I also have grade one patellar subluxation, which means that the knee cap on my left rear leg moves around sometimes. You can tell because sometimes I favor that leg when I walk. I'm most concerned about my poor skin. It is so red and itchy from the Demodex and yeast infection. It does look a little better than it did, though. I'll keep you all informed of my progress. I'm settling in nicely here, but am excited about the thought that somewhere out there is my forever family. I can't wait to meet you! Be sure to check out my new picture.

Love, Lucy

3/29/08 update: I'm starting to enjoy my foster home, now that I'm getting over my fear of people. I like to play with the other dogs and follow my foster mom around the house. I still shy away when she reaches out to me, but not as bad as before. I bark & wag my tail with the other dogs when one of my people come home from work. I even licked their hands a couple times, I was so glad to see them! I have a funny bark that sometimes sounds like a yodel with a little howl at the end.

The vet has decided that there is more wrong with my legs than just a loose knee-cap. Sometime during my development, either before or after birth, my legs got malformed. They bend in places where they aren't supposed to bend! I get around just fine, I just look a little wobbly. I don't think I'll ever be able to jump up on the furniture, so if you want me to sit in your lap, you'll need to help me. We're still working on trying to get my skin cleared up and once we do, I'll be ready for adoption! Don't forget to look at my new pictures!

7/6/08 update: I have been in my foster home for 5 months now & this is what I know.

  • I don't play as often as the other dogs in my foster home but sometimes I love to play with my foster sister, a 17 lb. mixed breed.
  • I definitely would like to have one or two doggie friends in my new home. But puleeeez, no human children!!
  • I don't seek out affection but have learned to appreciate it when it comes my way. On weekend mornings, I whine to let my foster parents know that I want to join them & the other dogs in bed, for some loving & wrestling. Mostly I just lie at the foot of the bed, but I like to be near them just the same.
  • I may never be the kind of dog that curls up in your lap & gives you kisses, but I have come a long way in the past few months & have a whole lifetime ahead of me to learn to accept & give love.
  • I just want to remind you too, that I am perfectly housetrained! But you should keep in mind that accidents sometimes happen when adjusting to a new home.
  • I'm still having trouble with my skin, which is why I haven't been made available for adoption yet. The mange & yeast are gone but I still have a few bacteria which I am getting antibiotics & baths for. They think I may have to undergo allergy testing before it's all over with.
  • It's looking like I will be a high maintenance dog & whoever adopts me will need to understand that I may require allergy shots, which are expensive. I also have to take a daily arthritis pill for my back legs, which are slightly deformed & a little painful at times.

I hope I haven't scared you off, because my foster mom & dad say I am definitely worth the extra trouble!

9/14/08 update:  I have some good news!! My allergy testing shows that I won't be needing allergy shots. They still think I may be allergic to something - most likely food. I am on a special diet now. I also have a bath with special shampoo a couple times a week. My hair is growing in and my tail looks really good. Also, I have been off of my arthritis medication for a couple weeks now and am doing just fine without it.

One night several weeks ago, I let my foster family know that I was ready to start sleeping with them. I really like it. I also like to sleep on their laps or on the sofa next to them when they are watching TV. I hear my foster parents talking all the time about how they will miss me when I find my forever home. They say I am so sweet and quiet and just a joy to have around.

I am putting in my order for a family with no small children (not because I might hurt them, but because they might hurt me!), and hopefully a dog or two to play with. Paws crossed!

Love, Lucy