We only had her for a little while
We will miss her forever
She had been mistreated her entire life.
Caged. Misused. Unloved.

We knew soon after her adoption that something more was wrong.

The blood on the floor lead to vet visits, but no quick and easy answers.
Kidney stones? Bladder cancer? Liver failure?
Finally the answer came
Our Retta was a very sick little girl
Advanced heartworm disease.

She bravely took the painful shots without a whimper.
We locked her up again while we waited.
We were told that the smallest movement could send a worm tumbling toward her lungs.
We waited a month. Another ultrasound test.

Most of the worms were killed, but some still hung to her heart. More shots.
More confinement. More waiting. More painful tests

She endured the treatment with moments of happiness
Her first tail wag was a celebration in our home
But she mostly looked at me with the saddest eyes
Begging me to help her

In the end, I couldn't help her
It happened in mere minutes.
She died in my arms.
The last two persistent invaders wrapped around hear heart valve blocked her breathing as we sped toward the hospital.

The sweetest girl ever deserved a better life than she was made to live with.

We fought hard for our precious little baby and lost her in the end.
We've shed a thousand tears and will shed a thousand more.
We will always love and miss our little "Retta".