I'm so glad my cute pictures got your attention, because I am a special girl. My name is Lacy. I'm a 5-6 pound female Yorkie and almost a year old. I'm a sweet, smart, playful, affectionate girl. That's nice to hear, but what's so special, you say? It's my crazy legs and feet! Let me say first of all they don't hurt me, or slow me down when I'm playing fetch or zooming around the fenced yard. They are just special. I have some congenital leg deformities, and some extra pads on my feet. They make me walk a little different than you might be used to seeing, but for me, they're just part of the total awesomeness that is me!

I didn't get outside much in my last home so I don't ask to go out for potty time, but I'm good about using the potty pads if you will leave some out for me. I sleep all night in my little bed next to my foster mom's bed, but I love to snuggle so I sure wouldn't argue if you want me to sleep with you. I get along great with the other dogs here, and I love to meet new people and give them kisses. I bark when someone comes in because I have to protect my foster mom, but then I'll come over with my little tail a-waggin'. I'm not a big eater, but I like my kibble and will usually clean my dish if you don't give me too much. I have to keep my girlish figure! Since I am a bit awkward in my gaite, a home without a long flight of steps or young children will be best for me. Other dogs in the home should be small just like me too! It will be best if someone is home during the day or has a little flexibility in their schedule to help me work on getting this pottying outside thing down!

If you're looking for a sweet girl and don't mind one that looks a little different, come on out to an adoption event and let me show you how awesome I really am! I have been spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccines, heartworm and flea prevention. My adoption fee is $175.