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10/19/12 update available!

Hi! My name is Karma and I am a 14-pound, 10-year-old female Chihuahua. I was found living in very nasty, dirty conditions and was taken to the animal shelter. Normally dogs like me don't have a chance, but my "karma" told me everything would be okay. Sure enough a nice lady came and visited several times and one day I found myself out of that cage and on my way to get some much needed veterinary care and later a foster home.

I am a very happy girl and love just about everyone I meet. Sometimes I am not real sure about men and have not been around young children much. As you can tell, I am a "bit" overweight and will need someone to keep me on a diet and give me some exercise. I like to go for short walks and chase my foster brother. When I get really excited I run circles around the house. I love toys, other dogs, cats, and a warm blanket to wrap myself up in at night. I sleep nicely in my indoor exercise pen, but would love to be in the big bed with you. I have learned to use the doggie door and will do my business outside for the most part. I also will use pee pads if necessary. My foster mom does keep me on a regular potty schedule just in case I forget so my adopter will also need to keep me on a schedule and reinforce good house manners.

I also have to tell you that when I had my spay surgery I was found to have a mammary tumor. This is not an unusual finding in unspayed and obese females. Even though this tumor was positive for cancer, the biopsy showed clean edges and x-rays showed no spread of the cancer. It is expected I will have a long, healthy life ahead of me. As many know, Chihuahuas can live to be 15 years old or more.

I really would like to have a loving companion who will accept me for who I am and give me all the good things I have missed out on in my former life. I promise I will love you forever. My adoption fee is $100.

7/5/12 update: Hey you out there. Yes, I am talking to you. I still am looking for my forever home. What, you say I'm too old. Well, let me tell you, I am living the life of a puppy right now. I never had much of a chance to be a puppy and now I run and play with the best of them. I just love my big brother, Blue (Sheltie). We run up and down the deck protecting the house from critters, chase each other, and play tug of war with my favorite ball. I will even sometimes let my foster mom play ball with me. I love to follow my foster dad around. I am curious to see what he is doing. I still am not real sure about being picked up by him, but do snuggle with him on the couch.

I have even managed to whine my way into the big bed. I sleep quietly at the foot of the bed and don't bother anyone until I think it is time to get up and get the day started. Then watch out - I am off and running. I am not one of those demanding Chi's who want attention all the time. I just like to hang out with my people. My back legs are still not strong enough to jump on things so if you want me to chill out on the couch with you I'll need some help getting up there. I like going for walks and riding in the car. I use the doggie door to go in and out, but do have to be reminded sometimes to go potty while I am outside. I love my foster home, but really do want my very own forever home. I promise I will love you forever.

10/19/12 update: Karma checking in with an update. Did you see my two buddies Savannah and Carson found their forever homes? I know mine is just around the corner. I am doing well. I weigh 13 pounds (I came into rescue at 16 pounds) and still need to lose more weight--not easy or fun. I do have a new job as "critter getter." I flushed a possum out of the bushes and was right on its tail. I chased that possum around and around and and my foster mom was having a fit-- possums have pretty sharp teeth! I was pretty tuckered out afterwards, but it really was fun and the possum lived to see another day but won't be coming back in my yard anytime soon! I did actually catch a chipmunk, but my foster mom took it away from me and let it go. She's no fun.

Anyway, you see even at my age I am a very active girl. So if you need someone to protect your home from creatures of the night and to snuggle up in bed with you, I am the perfect choice. Please call soon. I am still waiting for that special someone.

Karma & Abby

Karma & Blue