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On November 9, 2004 we received the devastating news that Juliet had passed away suddenly (and for unknown reason) at her new home. Of course Juliet's new mom was heartbroken as she had only had Juliet for a mere 5 weeks. We are all still in a state of shock but are comforted to know that Juliet knew many weeks of love in her foster home, followed by the following five weeks in what was meant to be her forever home for many years to come.

Our heart goes out to Juliet's family, as her "mom" had just recently had to deal with the death of her other beloved pet. We can't pretend to know how she feels after suffering the loss of not one, but two pets in such a short period of time. Our thoughts are our prayers are with her. We can only hope that when she is ready, we can help her find another pet to fill the void.

So, now we try to remember Juliet as she was - a very sweet and loving doggie that had unfortunately ended up at a shelter, to make here way into our hearts and into our lives. She was the belle of the ball at adopt-a-thons, where her laid back manner drew many to her. However, we often got a chuckle when she would show her "temperamental" side when other dogs DARE get too near her! Goodbye sweet Juliet - we hope that we were able to help provide you with love and peace prior to your final passing. We know we will see you again.