Opal with Chloe and Bob with Josie

Rest in Peace, Josie [read more]

Opal with Chloe and Bob with Josie

Josie and Chloe with Santa!

In Loving Memory of Josie
Today, January 18, 2018 at 12:17, my precious Josie took her last breath. Her heart gave out. She had been having heart problems for the last couple of years. In December the vet told us that there was nothing else he could do. Let me tell you a few things about Josie. We adopted Josie October 2009 and from the moment she came into our lives, she was a wonderful blessing. I have had many dogs in my life, but none that touched my heart as much as Josie. She came from a puppy mill. She had mature cataracts when we got her and they said she would be blind within a year. With the help of a wonderful eye veterinarian we were able to keep her eyesight somewhat till 2014. She was only seeing shadows by then. She never complained or demanded attention. She was just sweet and lovable. If you wanted to love on her she was all for it. If you didn't she would go her way. Everyone that came in contact with her loved her. When we moved to Utah only one of our neighbors had a dog. Here we were with four. But Josie won them all over, even the one next door that said she did not like dogs or cats. She got to the point when she came over she would let Josie sit beside her on the sofa. Josie never forced the issue, but she would call Josie's name and pat the sofa and Josie would jump up. All of our neighbors grew to love her. They could not believe she was blind because she went where she wanted to go and didn't bump into furniture or things. She was so smart.

I could go on and on talking about my beloved Josie. I'll tell you just one more story. A couple of days after we got Josie we couldn't find her. We started looking in all the rooms and when we went into the guest bedroom she was sleeping right in the middle of the bed. I knew then that she knew she was home.

I want to thank SBRET for taking her out of the awful situation she was in and Cocker Rescue for deciding not to take her, because that led to me getting to adopt her.