I am a dog rescued from a puppy mill where I received no medical care or socialization and was used for breeding purposes. Before you fall in love with my adorable face, please remember that I will have some specific needs in my forever home. I need a secure fenced yard, someone with lots of patience and time during the day to help me with my housetraining and socialization, an adult dog-experienced home, and another small dog buddy to help show me the ropes. Thank you for reading!

My name is Jade, and I'm a 6-year old, 9-pound Chihuahua girl. I have gorgeous colors of driftwood brown in my coat and beautiful golden eyes.

My SBRET angels rescued me from a puppy mill in November. Since then I've been working on getting more comfortable with meeting people, learning about love, potty-training, being independent, and learning to walk on a leash. Since I've spent my life in a puppy mill, I haven't had much interaction with people. I might be a little shy with new people at first, but I am learning that most people are pretty wonderful! They love me and give me lots of praise….oh, how I love and live for praise. I love food, but I learn best from being told that I'm a “GOOD GIRL”!

I will need patient people and a doggy friend or two who will work with me on all the things I need to learn. Tummy rubs are pretty wonderful too! I do weigh about 9 pounds, but to be honest, my foster mom is working on my losing some weight. I would really be stylin' at about 8 pounds! I have no health issues and my pearly whites are in great shape. I lost only one tooth during my dental which was great news to me since I love my food. Treats are wonderful, but I really don't need much more than a quarter cup of kibble twice a day. Remember, I'm working on getting into great shape for some cute outfits that my new family might like to dress me up in!

Puppy mill dogs usually have to learn training schedules since our lives are spent in a cage. We don't know much about house-training, but I'm learning pretty quickly. Right now, my foster mom lets me out with my other doggy friends in a fenced courtyard and I really like to potty out there. I'm not too fond of the cold weather we've been having so you will need to encourage me to be brave and get out there to do my business. But oh boy, do I ever enjoy the praise I get when I do what I'm supposed to do during my potty time. A home with a fenced yard would be best but I have learned to walk on a leash! So as long as my new family continues to practice leash walking with me and does not let me run loose, I should be fine without a fenced yard. My foster mom thinks I'm just about the smartest and sweetest dog ever. Hey, I've even started playing with the other dogs here, and to my foster mom's delight, I'm learning to play and wag my tail with excitement!

I don't mind sleeping in a crate next to my foster mom's bed at night, and I'll spend some time in my crate or a gated area while you're gone. I can get kind of lonesome when you're gone for a long time, so it would be nice if another dog buddy could be with me or if someone is home during the day. I will pick up on what I'm supposed to do a lot quicker with a doggy friend around. I get along fine with other small, balanced dogs (I haven't been around large dogs so I'm not sure how I would feel about them), cats, gals and guys. Sometimes I'm really shy around certain guys, but if you're a laid back, calm kind of person, then I'm about the best couch buddy you could hope for. Actually, I'm more of a couch potato! I haven't been around kids, but calm, children over 12 should be fine.

You can see that I'm pretty easy-going: a quiet life, people who are around to give me lots of attention and love, a doggy friend or more, a fenced yard…well, that sounds pretty grand for a gal like me. My adoption fee is $175. Just contact SBRET if you think I am the perfect match for you!