In Loving Memory

On Sunday, November 7, 2004, we had to make the most difficult decision there is in rescue. When picking up some dogs from a breeder, we were unexpectedly asked to take a Papillion puppy. Much to our surprise, the breeder went to her front seat and got a bucket out of her car. From within that bucket she brought out the tiniest of tiny puppies we had ever seen. We were told that this puppy was about 2 days old and had a cleft palate. Because of this condition, she was unable to eat normally and had to be syringe fed. Not knowing much about this condition at the time, we just numbly, while still in shock, took this tiny little creature in the bucket and went immediately to the Pet ER.

We spoke to two vets we know on the way, and knew the prognosis was likely to be poor. However, we did hold on to a little hope on our way, even though we knew IF we had any chance of saving our baby it would mean hand feeding night and day and surgeries later on.

After the vet examined our little baby girl we were given the bad news. The prognosis for this little baby was very poor. Even if we could keep her alive long enough to have a surgery, it would likely take several surgeries (which are often not successful anyway). Rather than put this baby through this, we made the decision to let her be put to rest. We know she will be healthy and happy in Heaven, and be able to run and play. We know you are now at peace, little one, and able to eat and drink as much as you want.

If you are thinking about buying a puppy from a pet store or commercial breeder, please think about this poor little girl and all the others like her that are the products of poor breeding. These types of breeders are in it for the money. We know for a fact that there have been other puppies of this breed with cleft palettes born at this particular breeder's facility, so it is apparent that the proper screening is not being performed. This is the norm, not the exception, for commercial breeders. So PLEASE, if you opt to purchase from a breeder - DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Do NOT buy from pet stores, and do not EVER let a breeder talk you into meeting them "for your convenience." This is a common trick to prevent you from seeing their facilities with the numerous types of dogs and often dirty and inhumane conditions that are present. Ask many questions, ask about health screenings, look at the facility, look at the parents, and just have some common sense. For more information on puppymills, please go to the "Information Links" section of our website. Because we must continue to HOPE that one day puppymills and careless breeding of animals in mass quantities by commercial breeders will be stopped, we have decided to name this baby "Hope". Please don't let her short life be meaningless. Help us spread the word. Tell everyone you know about puppymills and commercial breeders, and let's end the suffering - together.