Hi, my name is Hildy and I am a 12 lb. female Miniature Poodle, and my veterinarian thinks I am about 8-9 years old. I have a beautiful black with silver highlights curly coat and such a sweet, sweet face! You may have noticed that I have cataracts--they have been there a while and are hypermature so the specialist said there is no surgery fix for them at this point. I do have vision impairment but it doesn't get in my way; I still like to run through the grass and play with my foster siblings! My foster family is very impressed that I don't bump into furniture, can maneuver stairs easily and can hop on and off of the bed and couches by myself. SBRET says they would love to see me get settled into my forever home really soon while I still can navigate new places with no trouble. I am so smart though even if my vision diminishes I will still have a great quality of life and learn my way around quickly.

I enjoy playing with my foster siblings, but at mealtime, I'd rather be alone. I get a little snippy when they come near my food bowl or if they try to sit with me under the dinner table. I don't mind humans being around my food bowl or petting me when I eat, though, just not other dogs. I potty as soon as my foster parents take me out, and I usually don't pull on the leash. They are crate training me, and I've had no accidents in my crate and very few in the house. They say I'm a pretty chill dog because I rarely bark, and my favorite thing to do is curl up at my foster mom's feet on the ottoman. I love giving hugs and getting cuddled, but I don't give kisses - I like getting them, though! I am currently being treated for Nodular Granulomatous Episcleritis--which basically means I have a growth in my eye and am receiving drops 3 times a day which seem to be taking care of this but I will get a recheck before going to my new home and I may need to continue these drops in my forever home. I have an occasional cough on exertion as I have a collapsing trachea which is common in small dogs, but I do not require treatment for this. It is extra important that I keep my weight under control so that condition is not worsened by carrying around extra pounds. I also have a grade 5 heart murmur but am not symptomatic with that and an x-ray confirmed my heart looks great with no enlargement.

Now don't let any of my medical issues stop you from taking me into your home and loving me! I am an adorable, bouncy girl with hopefully many years of fun in my forever home to come! I am just a very happy, loving Poodle! My adoption fee is $100.