In Loving Memory

Little Hailie came to us when her owner decided that she wanted a puppy. The pup and Hailie didn't get along, so out the door she went. It was lucky for Hailie that her mom found SBRET to take her in. She went to a wonderful foster home with Kitty and David where she became Kitty's baby, she called her "momma's little dog" and Hailie would follow her foster mom everywhere - you didn't see Kitty without Hailie at her heels.

Hailie loved her new foster mom, but sadly her time was cut short. Hailie started to have problems one night and was taken to the vet the next morning where bloodwork and x-rays were done. Tests didn't detect any problems, so they gave her subQ fluids and antibiotics, and sent her home. Hailie's condition declined through the night, resulting in another trip to the vet. This emergency visit was with Pet ER where they kept her, gave more fluids, and did more tests. Sadly Kitty got the call a few hours later that little Hailie did not make it. They think that she had a liver condition that no one knew about. Unfortunately they could not do the necessary tests due to Hailie becoming so sick so quickly.

Kitty was devastated as she and a few SBRET volunteers went back to Pet ER. It was a very hard thing for everyone to watch - a lady that had loved this little dog with all of her heart and lost her so suddenly. But we know little Hailie is now running at the rainbow bridge - healthy and happy with a restored body - where she will someday see her foster mom again.

Rest in peace sweet little Hailie, and know that you are still "momma's little dog."


David, Hailie and Kitty