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Gypsy - In Loving Memory

Pam and Gypsy Gypsy I fell in love with Gypsy the first moment I saw her at Grace Lutheran's PetFest 2005. The sweet little gray dog with the big brown eyes looked out from her cage and wagged her tail enthusiastically at me, and my heart just melted. For the next week I talked about nothing but Gypsy, until Paul finally said we should try to adopt her. When Paul first saw her, he said, "Oh, she's a doll baby," and I knew he would be crazy about her, too. For her part, Gypsy, usually shy and standoffish with strangers, bounded down the steps to greet him and sat in his lap the whole time we were completing the adoption process.

Gypsy loved to sit in Paul's lap and kiss his chin while we watched TV together in the evenings. She always wanted to be with us. She followed me around the house when I did housework and rested in her little bed under the desk while I paid bills. As long as one or both of us were there, she was content. If we left the room for something, her wagging tail would thump loudly when we returned. Her other favorite things were eating - of course - and tummy rubs. Her nickname was "The Princess," because when she wanted to eat, go out, or have her belly scratched she would lie on our bed and bark commands at us. Her job in life was to look cute while the rest of us waited on her, and we were willing servants!

Paul and Gypsy Pam and Gypsy Gypsy was loved by her brother Happy and her sister Jessica, and they miss her greatly. Gypsy usually was not demonstrative with them, but a few months ago she walked over to Happy, lay down beside him, and gave him a big kiss on the head. It's a moment we will treasure.

Gypsy was a big hit with all of our friends and neighbors and with her veterinarians' office, Village Veterinary Clinic. She was known there as "The Singing Gypsy," because she would start to yowl in the car on the way to the office and would continue as we waited in the lobby. All the vets and staff loved her, and Dr. Bass once spent a whole afternoon returning phone calls with Gypsy on her lap.

Paul with Gypsy and Jessica and Pam with Happy Linda and Gypsy Unfortunately, we didn't have Gypsy very long - just over two years - and she left us very suddenly, but we always will be grateful to Linda for the time she gave us with her. We wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Gypsy, we miss you more than we could ever say, and we love you forever, baby girl. What joy there will be when we are reunited with you in Heaven!

~ Pam ~

You were my little "Gypsy" traveling down the highway of life and into my heart. You were always such a sweet, loving little girl. Everyone used to say you looked like one of the screaming monkeys in the Wizard of Oz! You were always so good putting up with all the fosters that would come and go until you found your special home. Smudge Kittie loved you very much and missed you when you left to go home with Pam and Paul. It was so hard to do your adoption, but I could tell right from the very first moment that you were going to be "Daddy's girl." Goodbye dear little Gypsy until we meet again in heaven. You were very much loved and are greatly missed.

~ Linda ~