In Loving Memory

Dear George,

We are not going to be sad but happy that you came to SBRET with the hope that we could help you live the life of a "normal" dog. You had been given the best chance that anyone could offer but it just wasn't meant to be. You are now over the Rainbow Bridge and running as you wanted to run, playing as I wanted you to play and as healthy as you were meant to be.

You touched so many lives with your story and your wonderful sweet soul. I will be forever grateful that because of you I was able to see the good in people and how much they loved you even though many of them had never met you. I'm grateful that you enjoyed love and happiness in my home. I miss your stomping feet and you running through the house and jumping up on the furniture and then doing it all over again. I miss your sweet little sigh when you were content and I miss your beautiful face. You were mine for a short while and I'm happy to have been a part of your life.

Your foster mom - Kathy