In Loving Memory

It is with great sadness but also great joy that we celebrate the life of Teddy! Teddy came to us a senior Pomeranian from an area shelter who we were not sure would have a lot of time. But Teddy had other ideas and lived in his forever foster home for 3 1/2 years! That is what is so amazing about SBRET volunteers. They are willing to step up even when they know the outcome may be uncertain and it could be filled with sadness. Teddy knew nothing but love, cozy beds, good food, treats, and lots of furry friends! He was his foster mom's bestest buddy for over 3 years and demanded in the way only a little 3 pound guy can to be picked up and catered to. Being fed out of a bowl was not good enough for our Teddy as he insisted on special food and hand feeding! His mom was glad to oblige. When it was time to say goodbye to Teddy today his foster mom once again did what was best for Teddy and was very brave and stepping outside her comfort zone to be by his side as we said goodbye. Teddy was very comfortable in her arms giving her gentle licks on her fingers as he drifted off to sleep. I am so proud of all of our volunteers and so happy that area shelters do reach out for little seniors who can sometimes defy the odds and have many years left in their foster or forever homes! Rest in peace sweet Teddy and I know a huge hole has been left in your mom's heart and she will miss her little sidekick.

Teddy's 12/6/16 facebook memorial

Teddy with his new fur family
Teddy with his fur family

Teddy with Sammy, Mikey and Tigger
Teddy with Sammy, Mikey and Tigger
(all 4 are SBRET rescues)