In Loving Memory

Everyone who met Bobbie thought he was such a special little dog. When you carried him he held himself so erect and proud - it was just very endearing. He also had a very cute habit of lying down with his front paws crossed - such a gentleman. The moment his new family saw him it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, not long after Bobbie was adopted, he was diagnosed with a heart murmer that progressed fairly rapidly over the next year. His family loved him so much and saying goodbye after such a short time was very hard, but Bobbie received more love in the year he spent with them than most dogs have in a lifetime.

We don't know what Bobbie's life was like before he came to us but we know that the last year he lived like a little prince. Bobbie, your family would not have traded the year with you for a lifetime with a different dog. That is how special our little Bobbie was.

Bobbie was so happy in his new home!

Penney, Bobbie and Lynn