Make way for Cuteness!!! Hello! My name is Beckett and I am a 5 year old, 6 pound chocolate male Yorkie. I came from a puppy mill where I lived in very cramped quarters without any exercise or attention. Due to poor conditions and poor genetics I had luxacting patellas on both knees. I have had one repaired and will be having surgery on the other one soon. Since my knees were not bearing the weight that they should my back as been in some discomfort too. But I am on the mend and will be feeling better than I have in years very soon! My next surgery will be in the next couple weeks and after that recovery period I'll be ready for a new family!

I seem to get along well with other dogs but when they are acting aggressive or too playful I get upset and bark at them. I've been around small children and while they are scary to me, I am well behaved.

My foster home has a cat and while I don't get aggressive with her, I do want to chase and bark at her sometimes. My foster mom is trying to help me learn I should not do that.

I am working on my housetraining but will still need a patient adopter to help me get the hang of it. My foster mom takes me outside every couple hours when she's home so I'll experience the great outdoors. So far I have pottied outside but only go on the concrete driveway or sidewalks. My foster mom says she'll take what she can get!

Before my first surgery I was learning to walk on the leash. We'd only go short distances because of the discomfort with my knees, but I was enjoying the experience. My foster mom says it takes a bit for me to "become a dog", and says that means I'm scared and stand super still like a statue for the first few minutes outside then slowly start to smell the smells and see the things animals see. I think it feels strange to have a harness and leash on so am constantly try to get them off.

When my foster mom is at work I stay in a gated area in the house. I'm not supposed to walk too much or jump at all while I am healing from surgery. I use pee pads while in there. I'm allowed to sit on the couch or bed with my family when they are hanging around but they have to be careful to not let me jump or fall down.

My foster mom is still learning about my personality - she says every day that I feel better she sees more and more of what I will be like. She has noticed that I get very possessive of a certain toy and will sit near it and not leave unless she moves it or me. I have growled at my dog brother when he comes near me while I'm standing watch over the toy. She said to say she is working on this.

Since I am such a small guy and a bit shy an adult home would be great for me. A fenced in yard would be best as I'm learning to love exploring and puppy mill dogs aren't great at pottying on a walk--sometimes we get frightened of all the different sights and sounds. I'm getting better all the time though! My new family will have to be willing to work with me on my housetraining - using lots of treats and praise. In return I promise to be your new bestest buddy! My adoption fee is $175.