Baby Girl

In Loving Memory

Dear Baby Girl,

I only met you three months ago and it seems a lifetime ago. You were a feisty little girl and you didn't give your love away without me earning it first and you made me wait two whole weeks! You were a joy once you decided that I was OK. You loved lying out in the sun, being brushed and eating your "cookies". You spent many evenings lying with me and your foster brother and sisters while we watch TV. You were always waiting for me on the arm of the sofa when I came home from work and would paw at me to hurry up and fix your dinner or to give you some loving.

I'm so happy that I got to spend this time with you and for the privilege of being your guardian. I just wish we could have helped you heal. But you had so many problems before you came to SBRET because of previous neglect. Before we met you had already had a huge bladder stone removed and a total mastectomy because of mammary tumors. All of that care was given to you by the wonderful group Kentucky Animal Relief Fund, Inc. (KARF) in Louisville Kentucky whose mission is to rescue seniors left in shelters.

At first when you came to my home you were playful and happy but over time I started to realize that something still was wrong. The vet determined that you had bladder cancer and after a few weeks it was discovered that you also had ruptured ear drums and a very resistant staph infection in one of your ears. I'm so sorry that someone didn't take good care of you before you were rescued by KARF - you deserved better. You tried so hard and were my little trooper; you took your pills and let me clean your sore ears every day. But you were still miserable and in so much pain. The next treatment available for your ears could have added to your distress and there is no cure for your cancer. So I had to make the most difficult decision that you didn't need to be in misery or pain anymore. I held you in my arms and kissed your head and told you how much I love you. Now since you went over the Rainbow Bridge I know you are now pain free, healthy, happy and running around with Albie, Pepper, Murphy and Kelly. And you can rest in the beautiful spot under the big oak tree that shaded your yard so I can visit you everyday.

Rest in Peace and I love you little girl.

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