In Loving Memory

Axel, I don't know how you ever got lost or put out on the street. I can't imagine anyone who got to know you ever being happy with you gone. Your vet and her staff always said you were their favorite Chihuahua and kept asking if I was sure you were one. You didn't know what the word stranger meant when it came to people. They were all the same to you... another person to love. But, I'll never forget the only instances when that true chi came out and how it made me jump that first time. Just let another male dog come close, that would do it.

You had your own personal little harem going there with the girls and you deserved every moment of it. You always played hard too and were such a joy to watch and join in with. I didn't think Papaw would ever forgive me for teaching you to howl, but he did and he enjoyed it too. You made us laugh and savor the little things in life, the important things. You were always there, wanting to be held and loved and giving it in return.

You were such a trooper about everything in life, even to the end. There was nothing you wouldn't handle or do for me and so I did the only thing I could in the end to give you peace and prevent you from suffering. They say that letting go can be one of the greatest acts of love. What they don't tell you is how crushingly hard it can be. My only solace is in knowing that you are free and believing that you are happy and healthy and playing once again and will be there to greet the rest of us when the time comes.

Ellie misses her playmate, Piper her friend, Papaw his little buddy, and even Prissy who learned to enjoy cuddling next to you. I'm blessed to have had a few years with you and I miss you terribly. You will always be my "Bubby" and you took a piece of my heart with you. Play hard my little Bubby. I love you and want lots of your hugs and kisses when I see you again. We all love you and miss you.