Hey y’all! My name is Amy. I am a female possible spitz mix who weighs about 20 pounds. My age is estimated to be 10 years old. I was found just after Thanksgiving likely dumped and in terrible condition. I was riddled with fleas and my skin had a yeast infection, my ears were badly infected, and my nails were horribly long. I was severely dehydrated and just plain exhausted! It appears as if I’ve been neglected for a very long time and because I was in such poor condition SBRET wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through the night. But I did! And I made it through the next day, and the next day, and all I did was sleep and eat and drink water!

Since being in my foster home I have blossomed with just basic care - that was all I needed! I have been getting medicated baths and medication for my skin and my ears and I feel so much better! I am deaf and my foster mom has taught me a simple hand signal that means I’m supposed to follow her. I am missing hair but it appears that it’s growing back again. I had a dental a few days ago and I lost five teeth. So I’ll be on soft food for a little bit and I sure do love my food! I’m learning to trust people again. It was hard at first and I didn’t really want to be touched. My foster mom was very slow and gentle with me and just gave me space. I was never mean with her, I just wasn’t sure about her at first. But now I wag my tail when I see her and I love to get body rubs from her. The first time she saw me wag my tail was the first day she brought me to her house and I saw one of her cats! I like cats - I think they’re cool and they’re nice friends! My foster home has four other little dogs about half my size and I like them just fine! I’m a pretty easy going, laid-back girl.

I do have a schedule! I know what time my dinner and breakfast are supposed be prepared for me and I will let you know that it is time! I have barked a few times but generally I’m pretty quiet. I have not had an accident since coming to my foster home and at night I sleep perfectly quiet in my crate! What I’m looking for in a home is somebody who will make sure I have blankets that I can bury myself under, a nice yard that I can go out and do my business in or sniff the flowers or roll in the grass. Maybe a car ride every once in a while and plenty of sofa time would be great! I am ready for adoption now that I’ve had my vaccinations and I’ve been microchipped. Please let my friends at Small Breed Rescue know that you’d like to give an old gal a nice warm home. My adoption fee is $100.