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6/18/12 update available!

I want to introduce you to Albie. He is a 9 to 10 year old male Chihuahua that is completely white and weighs around 5 pounds. Albie is almost totally deaf but occasionally seems to hear some noises. He's not a busy boy so for Albie being deaf doesn't seem to affect him much. He was found as a stray in Louisville Kentucky and spent 3 scary weeks at the shelter just before Christmas. Lucky for Albie he had a kind soul looking out for him and with the assistance of the awesome Pilot N Paws Program made it to SBRET in January.

When Albie came to SBRET it was determined he was a pretty sick little man with pancreatitis and received some intensive veterinary care by the awesome doctors at Village Vet in Farragut. We don't know what caused the pancreatitis but what we do know is that Albie will have to be on a low protein, low fat diet to hopefully keep him from having further flare-ups for the rest of his life. Albie has been eating Innova Senior dry kibble and Innova Senior canned mixed together--both readily available at Petco or PetSmart. Albie had a second round of complete blood work recently and all of his levels were in the normal range so his food agrees with him. He's not a regular eater but that seems to be his way. Some days he will eat all of his breakfast and dinner but another day he will take nearly all day to finish his breakfast.

Albie is a very people oriented little guy. He's always happy to see me and gets excited and prances around waiting to be picked up. He is happy curled up near you or under a blanket on the couch. He especially loves to sleep in my bed at night. He'll spend several minutes figuring out where the most comfortable spot is and getting his blankets arranged just right--pretty adorable! I have four other little dogs here and he doesn't really care too much about them and has only sniffed them once or twice. So he would be fine as an only dog as long as he has a human to cuddle with. Albie has only had one accident in my home since he came to me the end of January and that was my fault. He really had to go and I was distracted by my other dogs. Otherwise, Albie does his business in my dog yard without fail. He really likes to sniff around the yard and when he's ready to come back in the house he always looks straight in my eyes. Albie walks well on a leash and prefers a harness over a collar. He doesn't mind getting his toenails trimmed or getting a bath. See, I told you he was a good boy!

Albie is very good about letting me know that he either needs to go outside to go potty, he's hungry or he wants some attention. He has a pretty loud bark and there is no missing that he needs something! Otherwise he's pretty quiet. Sometimes he'll moan or whimper but I think that's his cue that it's time to give him some loving. Hey a little guy has to speak up for himself!

Albie wouldn't be a dog for a home that has small children or big dogs. He wouldn't care if there was a cat, a bird or another little dog in the house or not. He would be very happy being the only dog. What Albie needs in his new home is someone dedicated to keeping him on his healthy low fat, low protein diet, give him his monthly heartworm prevention medication, yearly shots and love him just the way he is--and we think he is pretty darn awesome! Albie's adoption fee is $100.

6/18/12 update:   Albie is now on a special diet of a hypoallergenic canned dog food, Royal Canin Whitefish formula, a daily probiotics and is getting once a month B-12 shots. The shots are to help improve his appetite and to correct any possible intestinal conditions and his body was depleted of B-12 possibly from the pancreatitis he had when he came to SBRET. The hypoallergenic dog food is available from veterinarians and was prescribed because the vet felt that possibly Albie has Colitis because of recent bouts of throwing up and diarrhea. The hypoallergenic probiotics, prescribed by the vet, is to improve his digestion and immune system. The B-12 shots, probiotics and the special food seem to agree with him, which he started on about a month ago. He has not thrown up once and has had very nice bowel movements. He has gained weight and seems to feel pretty good. I get the feeling that Albie is now content because his tummy isn't hurting him anymore. Albie will have to receive once a month B-12 shots and the once daily probiotics for the rest of his life. It is necessary to keep Albie on his hypoallergenic food as well but the vet did allow that over time fruits (with the exception of raisins and grapes) and vegetables can be added to his diet.

A note about the shots: Your vet will probably be willing to show you how to give the shots so you can give them to Albie yourself. If it's something that you don't want to do, your vet will be happy to do them for you.

7/30/12: Mr. Cupcake, Silvertoes (aka Carson) & Albie
Mr. Cupcake, Silvertoes (aka Carson) & Albie

Missy & Albie at the 2012 Women Today Expo fashion show in March
Missy & Albie at the 2012 Women Today Expo fashion show in March

Albie at the shelter looking very frail and scared
Albie at the shelter looking very frail and scared