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Donation Challenge The Easter Bunny is early this year! The Easter Bunny has come to town a bit early!
SBRET has had an amazing offer for matching contributions! Beginning April 1 through the end of the month, the contributor will match any donations made up to $3,000! So if all of our fans and supporters can rally for the next 30 days that would mean a donation of $6,000.

This could not come at a better time as SBRET needs money to save 25 puppymill dogs and bring them into rescue this spring. Each of these survivors will require extra medical care and extra time in a foster home for rehabilitation. So let’s support our Secret Easter Bunny and welcome Spring by setting 25 little lives free from the cage.

You can use the PayPal button below, mail a check to our P.O. Box, or make your donation in person at one of our upcoming events.

Mail your donation to:
P.O. Box 22482
Knoxville, TN 37933
or Donate via PayPal:
or Donate in
person at
one of our
upcoming events!

A great way to help out SBRET dogs in foster care if you are unable to foster yourself is by shopping for them from our Amazon Wish List. These are items that mean a lot to our volunteers and the dogs they care for while awaiting their forever homes. There are items in all price ranges and any items from the list are much appreciated!

We have a plea to anyone who could help. We are absolutely swamped with requests to take dogs that are in need. Although we would love to help, we can't unless we have more foster homes. If you think you could help, please let us know! Check out the flyer for more information. As always, thanks for you support!!




Piss on puppymills !!

Please don't shop ... adopt!
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Get your SBRET t-shirt today at   Visit to look at other SBRET logo items that are available for purchase.   A percentage of all sales from both online stores goes to SBRET to support our rescue efforts.

We would like to formally announce our partnership with as a way to help our organization raise additional funds, all at no extra cost to you the consumer! The concept is simple, every time you shop online from your favorite online retailer a percentage of each purchase goes to your favorite charity...hopefully that's us. Click here for more information.

Donations needed:   The support of local veterinarians is vital to any rescue group, and we are very fortunate to work with two clinics that offer us a discount on services; however, veterinary care for our foster dogs is still extremely expensive. Rarely does the adoption fee for a dog cover the expenses that have been incurred. If you are considering making a financial contribution to SBRET, any amount is welcome, or you might wish to make a specific donation to cover any of the following expenses:

Donation Menu

$140 - Spay/neuter, inoculations, microchip, heartworm and fecal check for one dog
$50 - Gas card to defray a small part of the transportation expenses: rescuing dogs from surrounding counties, transporting dogs to the vets, home visits, or transporting dogs to other rescue groups
$75 - Dental cleaning for one dog
$15 - Heartworm and flea preventative for one dog for one month
$5 - New collar and leash for one dog
$30 - Worming one dog with appropriate medication
$30 - Grooming (usually total shave down) for one dog who comes to us severely matted.

If you think animal abuse is something that happens in other states but not in Tennessee, please take a look at the  Interactive Animal Cruelty Map of Tennessee .

Toy Breeds and Dog Safety

Keep the mini dog breeds out of harm's way.

Ever spent any time with a Pomeranian, shih tzu, Chihuahua, fox terrier, or other toy breed? If so, then you know its size is often disproportionate to its personality. These dogs are small in stature but larger than life. That said, their extreme "petite-ness" means they need a tad more looking out for than bigger breeds in order to help prevent them from getting injured or seriously hurt. In her book, The Safe Dog Handbook, Melanie Monteiro offers a few house rules that can help keep your little one safe and healthy:
  • Be careful with collars. Toy breeds have smaller, more delicate necks, so it's better to use a harness rather than a leash attached directly to the collar when walking them. This will help prevent overjerking and possibly injuring the neck or trachea.
  • Be cautious in crowds. Be sure to keep a close eye on your dog when you're in large groups. People who aren't used to being around such small dogs may forget your tiny pooch is even there and accidentally step on her. Yikes!
  • Be gentle. Toy breeds are much less resilient than bigger dogs, so any roughhousing should be done with a light touch. Make sure your children and other guests understand what gentle play means. Also, always supervise when your mini is playing with other larger pets.
  • Be "crateful." If your little pooch is comfortable and used to being in her crate, it's a great place to put her when there's just too much going on around your house for her to be running around. (Things like kids' birthday parties, holiday dinners, construction, household repairs, etc.)
  • Be afraid of heights. Don't let your toy pup get up on furniture or other elevated places where she could jump off and hurt herself. Most beds are even too high, so it's best to find your girl a bed of her own that she likes, so she's not as interested in getting into yours. If you can't bear to ban her from your bed, be sure to help her up and down -- don't let her jump down herself. Also, think about getting pet steps -- available at pet-supply retailers -- to give her a safer way up and down.
  • Be aware. Smaller dogs can be seen as prey to wild animals, like coyotes, so always keep a close eye on your pup outside -- even if she's just in your yard. And try to take her along clear paths when on walks; tall grasses and weeds could easily poke her eyes.
  • Be prepared. Keep a few light layers of doggie clothes on hand along with a substantial sweater that you can slip over her as needed. Little dogs have less insulating body fat and need extra help keeping warm during chillier months and to avoid hypothermia in especially cold climates.

SBRET is in DESPERATE need of foster homes! We have been inundated with requests to take in WONDERFUL dogs, but we cannot take many of them in, simply because of a lack of foster homes! Won't you please considering fostering a dog? It's a short-term commitment with long-term results - you end up knowing that a simple action on your part has saved a life. Yes, the actions of one person CAN make a difference, as anyone who has read "The Starfish Story" (a story adapted from an essay by Loren Eissley) can tell you. And we'll make it as easy as we can for you. We provide all needed medical care, and even loan you a crate if needed - all you must provide is a safe place to live, food and water, and lots of love! So if you're interested in fostering, PLEASE contact SBRET or complete our online Foster Application! Check out our Foster flyer for more information.

Go to for lists of pet-dangerous items: foods, medications, cold/warm weather hazards, common household hazards, holiday hazards, and non-toxic substances that cause gastrointestinal upset. There are also instructions for what to do in case you think your pet has been poisoned.

Pet care tips are also available on many topics including medical tips, emergency preparedness, air/car travel tips, and halloween safety tips.

Check out these helpful dog care topics at general care, introducing a new dog, jumping, barking, crate training, destructive behavior, house training, mouthing and nipping, separation anxiety, urine marking, leash manners, sit training, and grooming.

Make your pet's home "Poison Safe" with these tips from ASPCA.

For a list of potentially dangerous plants go to ASPCA's List of Toxic Plants.

Small Breed Rescue of East TN, Inc. (SBRET) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to finding forever homes for displaced or abandoned small breed dogs. We are also dedicated to educating the public about pet overpopulation, the benefits of spaying/neutering, and the horrors of puppymills.

We accept online donations via PayPal: . Since we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, donations to SBRET are tax deductible. Donations by check can be sent to:
P.O. Box 22482
Knoxville, TN 37933
Spay or neuter your pet! Spay or neuter your pet! Don't shop at stores that sell puppies!